My grandmother lived in Wangying Village. from ylq's blog

My grandmother lived in Wangying Village. This is a beautiful little village. But this year, the industry has become more developed, and a chemical plant has been built along the river. The chemical plant is very abominable. It discharges the dirty and smelly sewage into the crystal cleare, my sister was not at home, and I invited a big sister from the village to accompany me to play Marlboro Cigarettes Price. We came to the road and looked around for the next four weeks, feeling very boring. I tried to search for a question in my mind: Where to play? "Oh, yes. Go to the river!" "No, there is now a stinking, most of the surrounding willows have been cut, only a few left, what fun?" The big sister immediately denied me Wholesale Cigarettes. Thoughts. "No!" I exclaimed. "I was still fine when I went last time?" "You don't believe me to take you there." It seems to be to verify my own words, the big sister took my hand and stalked. Go to the river and show it to me. "You see, those dead fish are poisoned Cheap Marlboro Cigarettes." With her fingers, my eyes stayed on a group of fish floating on the water Newport 100S. I saw that their eyes were round and glaring at the front, as if they were accusing the human beings of evil. Looking at them, my heart is full of embarrassment: If not because of us as human beings, how do they lose their most precious life? If it weren't for the human beings who dominated the earth, would they die in this dirty river? The source of all this is the selfish people. In order to make money, they will destroy the nature without hesitation. However, they do not know that they will destroy a part of the environment, and all human beings will go further from death! When can they change their self-contunately, the city issued a notice to warn the chemical plant not to discharge sewage into the river Newport Cigarettes Price. This notice changed the sharp deterioration of the environment. Now, the willows have been planted again, and the river is not turbid, but it has never been so clear, so pure, this is the only regent situation, the environment is not very bad, but it is not very good. Even so, I still believe that as long as we work together, we will be able to recover! 

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By ylq
Added Aug 2


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