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Ref. No: 148-NC-RO-GF-AB
Case: Titanium,Round
Diameter: 48.80 mm
Glass: sapphire crystal
Dial Openwork
THICKNESS: 17.90 mm
FUNCTIONS: Retrograde hours, Minutes, Seconds, Power Reserve
Strap: Alligator,Pin Buckle
Movement: Manual Winding
Size: men

HYT H2 traditional watch

So far, I believe that most readers have heard of HYT and its unique hydraulic mechanical time machine, which leads the innovation frontier in watch manufacturing. All the products they have produced so far, from H1, H2, H3 to H4 are highly technical, modern and bold, each new series has a slight distortion (such as pilot-style H2 and lighting system in H4) .

Let us start with the characteristics of H2 tradition and H2 contrast. The titanium case is only 48.8 mm in size and has been slightly modified. It now features a light anthracite grey PVD coating on the central container. The movement specifications of the large components remain unchanged and there is no change in the 8-day power reserve and crown position indication. Capillaries showing and using bellows and filling two liquids still exist. There I have already said that the main function still exists - so what changed? hot RICHARD MILLE RM 052 skull cheap watches

Continuing with the discussion, H2 introduced a sub-dial for the second counter, while the original version had only one central pointer, showing minutes through the sapphire ring near the liquid tube. Thanks to the new display, the movement must also be adjusted to provide “space” for the sub-tray – the balance has been repositioned at 12 o'clock and the gear train has to be redesigned. In addition, the finishing must be changed to make it more "classic", from the original sandblasting and blackening functions to more traditional features, such as 4N gold treated lacquered dials, Roman numerals and blue hands, used to indicate time and Diamond guilloché finishes accent the main panels on both sides of the dial and movement.

HYT skull Maori Watch - the beginning of beauty, mystery and dialogue
If you want to wear a timepiece that is not only visually and mechanically unique, the HYT watch is definitely a major candidate. Using fluid as an indicator of time is a way HYT has perfected and combined with very imaginative designers who have been able to create very interesting works of art.wholesale BREMONT cheap watches

In January of this year, HYT launched the Skull series, which took the company's design and engineering capabilities to a new level. Although the minute indicator available in the previous model was assigned, the design specification now requires a thin capillary that carries the liquid following the skull shape on the dial rather than the circular track. Since the liquid no longer moves over a uniform path but on a track with corners and turns, the ability to control the movement to coincide with the hour markers around the dial is a daunting task. However, this is a remarkable achievement for HYT.

Maori is the fourth core group in the series (with green enamel, red enamel and precious gems). What sets it apart is the traditional Maori tattoo that is traditionally hand-carved. Even the Arabic time scale uses the engraving style of the font recall. The carving will not stop there, but continue the tan leather DEVON cheap watches

Some of the key design features worth mentioning are the bellows and HYT's method to help indicate the number of seconds and power remaining in the watch. A bellows visible through the lower jaw of the skull is a mechanism for fluid movement through continuous expansion and contraction behavior. The right eye represents the power reserve of the watch. When the piece is close to 65 hours of power, the eyes gradually darken. The left eye hides an almost invisible second hand that keeps spinning.

From a size point of view, this is a big watch. The case is a 51 mm case with a single assembled button for the adjustable time of the crown, located at the northeast corner of the watch. With a thickness of 17.9 mm, this watch has a wrist feel. The outer casing is made of red gold and titanium, while the pin buckle is made of titanium. The dial is protected by sapphire crystal and the water pressure of the entire enclosure is 5 ATM or 165 cheap watches for sale

The carving on the watch is beautiful. The capillary channel used to deliver the liquid is not apparent to unfamiliar people. There will be a lot of curiosity about the watch, and it will often be the subject of dialogue wherever you wear it. If the wearer likes this attention, then this is the watch that owns it. However, if the wearer prefers privacy, it is difficult to remain concealed due to size and artistic design.

If the price is not a problem, I will get one. The idea of ​​a single time indicator is very elegant for me, I have always liked a single watch. The Maori liquid indicator has the same purpose.Replica HYT H1 CIGAR 148-NC-RO-GF-AB watch