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lily Sep 13
Knowing will be executed, someone, Gao Han, gets up in the Red Army captive.In addition to in addition to a handful of men strict breadth etc., greatly parts of national defense non-commissioned officer Greg Maddux Authentic Jersey none of soldiers understand them at shout what, but think to the nothing but is again the encouraging of type of"being a good brave fellow after 18 years" words.The cry didn't also spread, the great majority captive remained facial expression dead ash slowly shut eyes.In the gun voice of Pa Pa, captive one gets 1 to fall flop, the deep pit blasting open becomes exclusively for the grave that they prepare, blood and corpse spread full on all sides. "Should be living Hank Aaron Authentic Jersey with root, why press so hard" this sentence has already canned not use in Russia, several in the last years conditions like this count extremely number, be placed in Russia of civil war's end stage, human life even the insignificant trifles are all not equal to!These white Wei soldiers for withdrawing obviously know their own destinies, so start reckless massacre captive and Red Army supporter, even still match with the breakage activity of engineer corp's regiment.Not only is pulpy the facilities deep-fried in city, but also destroy a railroad, deep-fry to break bridge, take the whole can take of thing, finally don't even pass women. Strict breadth and all national defense soldiers didn't participate this kind of affair, but continued own work. Is big to break at Ian Krol Authentic Jersey the atmosphere like this descend with everyday 100 kilometers of speed keep on, wait Fu Long Zhi get news to in a hurry arrive to Ya Bin Si in the car gram, almost contain to fix attention on what tears go into the city.All the way of the miserable sight make the all jealous ear of this military officers of combat few yearses red.Several hundred kilometers of railroads are broken, even the roadbeds all thoroughly destroy.More than 40 railroad bridges drive deep-fried smash, don't say steel rail, even the stud bolts of rivet joint can not see several, following the telegram line that the railroad cloth establishes are also all of the trace and shadows to have no. Inside in the city is more wretched, the church still keeps an integrity, besides which, , the other constructs basic be all broken a time, even if don't destroy also intentionally in the wall or where dig a big hole, as for the power station far and far sees an eye to also know a result. "Contact Moscow." Have no railroad and then can not quickly make track for shot, so Fu Long Zhi Zhi can let the troops make track for shot with a pair of feet, the parties rides a soldier to make a detour in Kazakhstan at the Jace Peterson Authentic Jersey same time twists about, try to intercept to flee elsewhere of Al Gore Cha gram department. When the mountain that is black to pull Er to the east is spread to by the news of overall breakage Moscow, the Nanking also equally received to come from front of breakage photograph. Return to the Mu that the Nanking says a job to permit Han to pass the photograph to everyone:"Leaf the card Jie Lin Nuo fortress, the car inside Ya Bin Si's gram, still have database Er to do all have been already broken.This is just- taken 5 days ago.