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lily Sep 13
"Foreigner?Get have been already seen?Wear an office long be all surrounded, even he doesn't know now exactly is what matter." "Does not the pottery that wears a quarter know as well?This is evil door!" Early in the morning, Corey Seager Authentic Jersey inside the Nanking president's mansion small hall jamed a reporter.All of them are to get a president's mansion telephone to in a hurry rush through, many people are preparing to work still and handing over a head to connect an ear, because of up to now also the nobody know why president's mansion will suddenly declare to open a press conference. The media in 1921 certainly doesn't seem to be several 10-year empress so flourishing, but ever since that time the Nanking becomes a capital city and tightly gets the ground of this kind of news convenience in Shanghai, the news agency in the whole whole country sends a reporter to particularly halt a capital city in succession, and the post and tele department still sets up a telegram special line for them.As time passes any has important news everyone to ventilate each other, can be like the circumstance that such an information all has no today but haven't appeared. Is a more mysterious thing Curtis Granderson Authentic Jersey and then more can cause concern, blockaded the way of doing of news to hang up all appetites intentionally.So when the beard is however virtuous to walk to come in, the small hall is in a twinkling set off, exert in the irritating to the ear flash light is the shutter voice of the Mao Ca Mao Ca.When not so bad beard was however virtuous to sign plum flower contract once suffered this kind of condition, raised to let the reporters slightly Anne not rashness after, say with smile:"Clapping me can be worth not to return to film money and still keep making me come to honored guest who introduce today." The beard however virtuous Dennis Santana Authentic Jersey hand is one Yang, the direction walks to incomingly add to pull from the side door rare:"Russian special envoy adds to pull a rare Sir." Russian special envoy?! Who all know, Yang Qiu governs both parties in the Sino-Russian can have no little dirtily.Is an European War turning point first Russian domestic explosion revolution, Yang Qiu has to go to saint in person Peter the fortress conciliation just persuade them to continue war, but later on again time the news that spread to betray an ally, make China east line go on expedition troops almost Dustin May Authentic Jersey whole army is routed.For revenge a national defense soldier to up and down and with one mind join force an one breath to move empty black pull Er of mountain to the east, it is said that many that only big gun pulls back up to thousand, the Moscow hates more gnash teeth in hatred.Even if these two years the peace is many, but last year silver crisis before still exploded to visit the affair of shot brigade massacre emigrant over Russia, so everyone also thought that the of Sino-Russian wanted to break out war again after hearing a northwest garrison forces and starting acting, on the newspaper also had no little analysis surplus negative, had never thought this time two countries incredibly have already quietly started getting in touch with.