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lily Sep 13
and ships but up, although he and none of military officers know the confidence that the enemy whom the national defense soldier is how to deliver several ten tons of speed boats to here,follows course Stephen Gostkowski Youth Jersey of river but top overbeared them finally. No matter is the 40 mm organization a cannon still a machine sailboat up add at the time of trench mortar and 12.7 millimeters of heavy machine guns, all visiting the shot brigade can not match of heavy type thermodynamic power, wait a few only the heavy machine gun be beaten dumb after, the comfortable rice second Ci radicle had to issue order to visit Huang upward to withdraw at first, prepare from the upper stream more the river go to east the E Huo of the noodles time the gram withdraws.Radicle Luo man's running to river's side is just preparing Du the river withdraw first, Steve Grogan Youth Jersey the speed boat bursting upon ruined his hope, the two lines of 40 mms shell came over, the simple wood raft is deep-fried fall apart, this is arranged far east by Stalin, and issue order that the military officer that massacre Chinese camp hasn't humed out and then been killed by explosion in person. The big enemy whom the back bursts upon caused severity disorder, a great deal of Red Army was panic don't choose road to flee indiscriminately, bind to carry among them Mongolia the soldier also follow to run about aimlessly.Early seek to come to Mo Xin Na to do in the tiger head of opportunity to wait, see the He Ba Er Tuo of Su flees elsewhere to him and lock gun sight at the face for being rattled up. Explosion intensively graceful database Ci gram, alone a gun rings not irritating to the ear, but flurried the He Ba Er Tuo of Su who escape fiercely stopped action, the soldier of neighborhood hadn't Tedy Bruschi Youth Jersey noticed and then seen him a full face already is a blood to keep pretty stand the ground pour at in the black soil ground. Along course of river since then of the national defense soldier overbeared the confidence of Russia soldier and fought basic be over in less than three hours, the comfortable rice second Ci radicle takes not enough 3,000 people to withdraw deep place of northern woods, besides which, rest all drive Jian, all of the whole encampments are captive Russia soldiers and Mongolia rebellious troops, the poor party lies in the biggest base of far east region full corpse. "What captive?"The Hao text treasure sees to lie prone the tiger head that has muscular spasms on the ground, military officer stared to make collective report, cold hum 1:"Send telegram to the conductor Terrance Knighton Youth Jersey department, have already captured a Ya Ku Ci gram." "BE."The military officer understood his meaning and reprimanded angrily to be captured soldier into woods, after a short moment a burst of urgent of the machine gun strafe the voice is from the inside from in spread out. Hao text treasure's seeming don't hear a gun voice, walk to side and by foot kick to kick him to tiger head:"Boy, didn't the words dying get up." The tiger head is red eyes, saw him to climb from the ground, returned the pistol to him to say:"Thank." "Thank me to do what."The Hao text treasure sees him childish face, showed interest to ask a way:"The gun beats quite goodly.What does the name call?Is how old, took a gun for several years.