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lily Sep 13
Although it is said colonize impossible, but which places of resources is a domestic urgent of, so immediately say:"Deputy president trust, as long as Holland there noded, I immediately bought these two Stephon Tuitt Youth Jersey wastelands organization the person investigate to explore, just in my hand have no how much understand a petrolic person." "You trust like, I and green jade the city dozen came to grips to shout, she will send some people to go together with you.A set of artesian well equipments that at the beginning surveys man river's oil-field has already carried Shanghai as well, you can from there set out." Listen to he say so in detail, Ma Kui knows this matter he affirmative the consideration is for a long time.However he still has a problem and says:"Since graceful each cloth they agree it's joint venture, T.J. Watt Youth Jersey finding out the oil-field problem should be not big, how do we carry back after just mining?" Yes, how carry back?Yang Qiu also discovers that oneself neglected a great problem.The rice Na Si oil-field mostly position he knows and read before that the military school knew while visiting two war history of a wars.It is said that at the seaside pool, mine very convenient, but conveyance have no so in brief.The petroleum conveyance isn't a common illegitimate profit ship and then can accomplish of, and comes back from carrying have to also refine, three all the Ao oil refinery just start constucting, oil refinery item in the North Sea then wants to wait next year would Terry Bradshaw Youth Jersey sign an item, would not until till the end of 1923 also throw to produce most quickly. Ah, the construction is still really a troublesome affair. Imitate to build progress for the sake of the solution oil tanker, end to enter school after the rites Yang Qiu to break up and return to Nanking first to take a wife kid with Ma Kui, then again in a hurry go down south to go to Qin state gulf to look into oil tanker to imitate to build progress. In the continuous light drizzle, a Ford T type sedan to Manila the harbor drive. The Chinese great majority region is placed in after Chinese New Year cold medium, but here already sultry unbearable.This season is Luzon of raining season, but the continuous light drizzle can not also alleviate this hot air, let Weng Wen Hao who be born Zhejiang very the habit is not. He together Troy Polamalu Youth Jersey with Kuang Jing Zi You Xi Yang come to Luzon many years, don't know Luzon in no man of Southern Asia the Gong Ye companies is their few establishments to get up.Being not in fact smooth when the Gong Ye company starts is mainly geography environment bad, explore a mineral very hard, plus the United States have been seeing here don't dare on a large scale for forbiding Luan, so.Until after deputy president decides to take part in European War in 1916, the United States gradually releases the restriction to the company, the one breath examination and approval passes 7 include Nie, chrome and copper mine at inside of mine, also buy next the Di Na add mining of 50 yearses power in island especially.Certainly all of these are the clear noodles of and secretly return and a lot of China companies cooperate, be Luzon all investing a lot of small mines everywhere, they are after mining will directly sell to Gong Ye company Luzon.